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This is where you can read the second version of this series with my comments on it. Sadly the first version is lost.

Page 1:
Author's Comment: "Meta's been practicing! But as ususal, I won!" Honestly, I don't think Kirby should be stronger than Meta Knight, but whatever.
Page 2:
Author's Comment: Okay, let's see. Font change from panel 2 to 3, and an emoticon. *sigh* But anyway, this is the buildup to one of my favorite jokes I've ever done.
And no, I don't know what movie Kirby watched.
Page 3:
Author's Comment: Oh look, the font changed again... -_-
Anyway, like I said on Page 2's commentary, This is one of my favorite jokes. I still find it funny almost 3 years later. (Wow, has it really been that long? O_o)
Page 4:
Author's Comment: Oh look, a title drop! I didn't even know I did that! xD
Page 5:
Author's Comment: Why did Kirby leave that room just to go back in...?
Also, "Ka-Stab!"? Really, Past self?
Page 6:
Author's Comment: And now we have a "Ka-Slash!" And a *Sword Drop!* Wow. Glad I fired that sound effects guy.
Page 7:
Author's Comment: Look! The font changed back to comic sans!
Also, Meta Knight seems very un-serious in this page which, to me, is odd.
Page 8:
Author's Comment: Yeah, this is the original version of this page. Ulti ended up insisting that I change that last panel, so I did, but for some reason, I don't have that version anywhere.
In other news, We never did find out if Meta tried to take over the kingdom...
Page 9:
Author's Comment: Uh, Kirby... You just saw Meta Knight. How'd you tell Dee that quickly?
I believe, in the version that went up, Kirby didn't have the wound, as evidenced by the next page when it's gone.
Page 10:
Author's Comment: There is way too much of the word "crap" in this page.
Also, a few people pointed out the "Kirby's bubble overlaps Sapphire's" thing, but I don't think I ever fixed it...
And yup, the font changed again
Page 11:
Author's Comment: Ergh... Her name... Is Sapphire...
Page 12:
Author's Comment: Ergh... He's quite the fighter!
What an awful transition. -__-
Page 13:
Author's Comment: "Oh, you're from the future? Okay, let's go on an adventure together and we'll just forget that you tried to kill me! Great! Oh, and I'm not gonna let anyone know I'm leaving, either. Let's just go."
Also, Meta's Apprentice in the last panel. Altough he was just Popstar's Guardian in this version.
Page 14:
Author's Comment: Ultimate Yoshi's cameo in this series. Really not sure why this was a thing. Just filler, I guess.
And from here on out, the font is consistent. -_-' Also, Meta's Apprentice (hereby known as Tyrana) in panels 3-5, and ya gotta look really close.
Page 15:
Author's Comment: Horribly-aligned circle panel. I need to try that again sometime...
Tyrana in panel 6.
Page 16:
Author's Comment: I believe I really liked that 7th panel back in the day. Now it's very generic.
Obvious Tyrana in panel 2.
Page 17:
Author's Comment: Attempted plothole filling! And a very unneeded panel 5.
Tyrana in panel 8.
Page 18 (Made by Ultimate Yoshi):
Author's Comment: Now, this is a bit of an oddity. Ya see, this page happened during the second time I left SJ for a few months (Callled my "disappearances" by Jarkes), and I left poor Ulti completely in the dark about the whole thing, so he was left with little choice. Amazingly, this page is what inspired me to come back to SJ and keep going for 2 pages before I decided to reboot. Also, I have no idea what the timeframe this happened in was.
Oh, and Tyrana is in every panel of this one.
Page 19:
Author's Comment: So I picked up right where Ulti left off then, but it didn't last long...
Tyrana in panel 6.
Page 20:
Author's Comment: ...Because I ended it here.
Tyrana in panel 5.
Well, that's the whole series!! It ran from... I think, December 2010 - January 2012. A ridiculously long run to only have 20 pages, but what can ya do?